CONNECT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL with Life Journey Teacher, Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, RMT, OLM

Access and Open the Energetic Portal for Purging all that does not serve you

2016 has been a year of intense revealing.  A revealing of those things that are not serving us any longer.  Wether it was showing us a barrage of limiting beliefs,  relationships that needed to be released ~ friendships and marriages and just plain acquaintances as well.  Release of jobs or careers that were not chosen in our most authentic and true nature.  In Numerology the number for the year 2016 was the number 9.

2016 ~release of karmic cycle number 9

2016 ~release of karmic cycle number 9

Nine is the karmic number of completion.  So it is no surprise that we were taken on this journey to explore and to end all of those things that no longer serve us.  Many people were in resistance to the clarity and the lessons that spirit was giving us to clear and release.  Some of us are still kicking and screaming and are in resistance to release those things.  Why not ask yourself internally…. Why are you afraid of this change?  Why are you clinging to those things that clearly are not going to be in your highest good to bring into the NEW YEAR of 2017?  Instead of fighting the old system and attempting to make things work when they are clearly not working.  Why not embrace the clarity?  Why not be thankful for the understanding that it is really quite alright to release?  That you are safe within your truest YOU.  That the Universe has your back?  That you do not have to live in fear based realities anymore.

This FULL MOON December 14 is the last FULL MOON of 2016 and it’s energy is a most powerful one.  There is a portal open for purging.  Why not use this energy to purge the last of those things you are holding onto?  I will share how to access the portal and use the energy to it’s fullest for you to release those things that no longer serve you any longer.  When we enter into 2017 it is the beginning of a NEW cycle.   In numerology that number is “1”   Number 1 is all about NEW BEGINNINGS and NEW LIFE.  We begin to create our NEW KARMA.  Why not begin a new without dragging in the old~ only to be struggling with the same karma that no longer serves you.  We began the New Karmic Cycle in 2004 and are ending this cycle of karmic release in 2016.  The time is NOW.  You can even begin to remember what was going on in your life in that  year of 2004 and how 2016 has come complete full circle.    Spirit is always showing us what is in our highest good.  Isn’t it time you began to TRUST?

On a collective most of what we are releasing is the old paradigm of the patriarchal mindset ~ As we exited the age of Pisces~ which was the dysfunctional age of the unhealthy man.   We have entered into the age of Aquarius which is the age of balance and the rise of “THE GODDESS” to bring balance and restoration to the conscious collective.  This will begin to bring men and women alike into clarity and understanding and true empowerment.  So many people are so angry and upset about the presidential election.  But I AM here to tell you dear family that I AM grateful for all of it because it has made us dig deep into what our beliefs are and ALL of the candidates are part of the “OLD PARADIGM”  We are entering into a NEW WORLD and this is why this purging vortex is here where WE BEGIN TO EMBRACE OUR SOVEREIGNTY!

What an exciting time to be living in!

With all this BE~ing said 2017 is going to really rock our socks off if we can purge and release.  What really helps me gain perspective is this healing mantra.


When we begin to realize that letting go of things is not a punishment or something to cause us pain but it is really allowing ourselves to consciously choose our most authentic and empowered selves.   We release with trust knowing that the space we make will be filled with NEW and AUTHENTIC ~ people, places and things.

If some of you are feeling heavy dense energy and even if you have no idea why you are feeling the uneasy feelings it is quite alright because your body and it’s sensitivity to the energy is letting you know and leading you to release.


Now, as I promised … How to use this energy of “The purging vortex”

Find a comfortable quiet place and begin to take 3 deep breaths.  Imagine and experience the Divine Light of Source shining down onto your crown chakra (top of head)  Feel the energy fill you throughout your body.  Maybe you are already feeling those people, places and things you need to release and maybe you feel resistance *that is ok that you feel that resistance*  Ask Source to assist you in releasing the resistance or the emotions that may surface and breathe into them, without judging them and allow them to show you what they are holding and breathe into them allowing them to expand.  You may choose to write down what you have been shown.  After you feel the completeness of the exercise.  I want you to take a deep belly breathe in and open your mouth with the intention of releasing those things that Source showed you and breathe out as the purging vortex is already activated and ready for your release.  Do this purging exercise as many times as YOU feel necessary including the purging breath.

Remember also as you have released be sure to take care of yourself and listen to your body and rest and hydrate as need be.

I AM Looking forward to your purge and release of those people, places and things and belief systems which no longer serve you and watching your wonderful transformation as you embrace YOUR NEW and ABUNDANT life in 2017!!!

and remember WE are ALL in this transition together <3




Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM

Jacqueline is an Empowerment Journey Life Coach and Teacher and Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage. She works with clients teaching them how release those things that no longer serve them and walk in their true authenticity and empowerment. She teaches “Empowerment Workshops” all over the United States and abroad.