CONNECT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL with Life Journey Teacher, Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, RMT, OLM

It’s YOU, you’ve been waiting for! The Journey To Reclaim YOUR PERSONAL POWER

The Journey To Reclaim YOUR PERSONAL POWER

When you do not know your worth it is because someone never taught you as a child you mattered… Your words mattered, your creations mattered, your singing mattered, your heart mattered, Everything about you mattered and yet celebrations for you and about you were rare. Did you hear statements like: “Children are seen and not heard”. “This conversation is for adults go play by yourself” For me, this was common place as a child to often look and seek that attention and celebration only to be met by indifference and being shut down. I was being taught that maybe I really did not matter. When children are met time and time again with that indifference and the most important people in the world to that child find no time to acknowledge or celebrate the absolute divinity and uniqueness of just your being. A disconnect and deep void inside of us continues to grow

Every relationship I had then after was an attempt to prove my worth.
The pattern kept repeating itself it…. I would draw in again and again people who would replay for me that internal struggle of wanting to be seen and acknowledged and celebrated ~ only to be slathered in the oh so familiar resonation of being overlooked and not seen. Even when I was seen and celebrated… The wound inside was so raw that I could not even feel or understand I was being seen and celebrated. A prisoner in my own inability to receive what it was I really wanted.

When I saw others being celebrated for their contribution it stirred up feelings of deep inadequacy and fear and I would be propelled to posture in my fear.

The proving and posturing was incredibly awkward for me and also for the others involved. For those who did not understand the deep wound of rejection only saw on the surface a braggart, or a manipulator of a conversation to move the focus onto them. They could not see the pain, the fear, the overwhelming desire to connect to someone or for someone to mirror back my value and my worth. Someone to show me that I mattered.

It was only through understanding that I had given my power away……
I did not know that I had the power all along……
From each person who I had received indifference from I took my power back …. The power that I gave to each and every person that I desired to mirror back to me my worth… and gave them back what they gave to me and I took on as part of me .. that did not belong to me. Whatever it was wether it was rejection, indifference, judgement, I gave it all back to them.

The journey to explore my worth and personal power began there
Realizing that No one held my power but ME
and with that I was on my journey to me… A journey to BE me, HONOR me, CELEBRATE me, ACCEPT me, HEAR me, SEE me and FEEL me.

During this journey came a deep knowing… a deep commitment to myself
I became the parent I never had to those parts inside of me that were dying to be acknowledged for all these years… dying to be seen, dying to be heard, I saved ME.

I was the ONE I had been waiting for ALL my life!


The Journey To Self

The Journey To Self

Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM
Empowerment Journey Life Coach, Teacher and Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage
Allow her to join with you on your Life Journey to Authenticity and Empowerment, coming into remembrance and walking in Your Personal Power.  Work with Jacqueline one on one via in person sessions in her Chicagoland Studio or via computer for those who are in other states and parts of the world.  Jacqueline currently counsels and facilitates healing journey’s for clients in the United States and Abroad.

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