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Mary Magdalene ~ The Journey Of The Sacred Priestess

For as long as I can remember I have always connected and resonated with Mary Magdalene. My mother having a huge bible with beautiful gold encrusted pictures of many of the biblical characters. I sat for hours and read and gazed at the beautiful pictures depicted of each saint. My connection to Jesus was a very strong one as well and would prove even stronger as I had my adult spiritual encounter at 20 with invoking the name of Jesus. I am not surprised that both Jesus and Mary Magdalene served as my direct representation of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and have proved to be my strongest guides in this lifetime…. But this blog is not about Jesus ~ It is about the mysterious life of Mary of Magdalene and how she has unfolded to me in a very personal way.

To really understand who Mary is… I ask you to open your mind and allow information to flow to you. I understand that many of you who will read this have preconceived notions and also family of origin teachings and also religious teachings handed down to you which you hang on to. It is quite alright if you do… I have had to do alot of sitting with information that I was taught and become open and ask myself…. Is this a belief I was taught and does this resonate with me? I have come to many a new understanding and belief in allowing myself to be open and see what resonates with me and sits well within in my being.

With this being said.. I have come to understand that I am part of the lineage of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene was Mary of Magdala (her hometown, a village on the shore of the Sea of Galilee)

She is also confused and lumped into several of the biblical stories of Mary, such as Mary the sister of Martha and the brother of Lazurus. I don’t believe that all of these so called biblical “Mary’s” all speak of Mary Magdalene. We must understand biblical text and it’s secret symbolic meanings and not in literal sense, with this being said let us journey forward.

Let us explore Goddess Worship and the understanding of the Goddess during these times

The Divine Mother and her Consort/Savior Son is a strong theme in World Goddess Myth, making Virgin Mary/Mary Magdalene a likely composite. The title of Virgin was often bestowed upon sexually active Goddesses. Sacred Temple Priestess’s were often called Virgins. In addition, children of The Sacred Marriage, a ritual union of a temple priestess and a king willing to die for his people, were often called “virgin born” or “divine children,” just as Christ was , It is also possible that Mother Mary was dedicated to a Goddess temple when she was a child. Perhaps Mother Mary was a temple priestess, thus making Jesus (or Yeshua) a divine child . There is even stronger evidence that Mary Magdalene was a temple priestess, so perhaps this is the true connection between Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. This divine marriage rite practiced was called the hieros gamos and as you can see here it is representative of the alchemic elements and signifies the Star of David.


Four pieces of Gospel evidence strongly point to Mary Magdalene as a temple priestess of the Goddess. The first is her title “Magdalene,” almost identical to “Magdala,” noted earlier to be the name of the triple-towered temple of the Goddess Mari-Anna-Ishtar. Literally, “Mary of the Magdala” signifies “Mary of the Goddess Temple.” Christian tradition has said that Mary is of the town “Magdala” or “Migdal,” which was known as “The Village of Doves,” a place where sacred doves were bred for the Goddess temple . In either case, two threads of strong symbolism link the name Magdalene to contemporary Goddess worship.

Yesterday I facilitated a Goddess Rite of Passage celebrating our womb opening and our Moon. It is a sacred ceremony allowing us to see that we are connected to Cosmic Creation and of course Mother Earth. We learned that our creation power and menstrual flow have powerful and medicinal medicine and healing power. We took vows in this sacred work to honor and heal the earth and to celebrate and honor our bodies and celebrate our empowerment as Divine Goddess’s and to empower other Goddess’s and teach them and also to assist in the healing of the Divine Masculine and help them to fill their role as protectors and guardians of the womb and the goddess. This is work of the Divine Priestess ~ Such of the work of Mary Magdalene. I am so honored and blessed to be a Priestess and a teacher and a keeper of the Holy Grail and the sacred teachings of the Goddess. This is the work of a Holy Priestess. The Divine work of Mary Magdalene. The Divine work of the Goddess.


As we exited the age of Pisces, which was the age of the unhealthy male, The age of unhealthy Patriarchal rule. We now entered into the age of Aquarius, which is represented by the woman holding the cisterns of water. This is the age of washing…. washing away the unhealthy and bringing new water and cleansing to the unhealthy energies to bring balance. It is the age of the Goddess a time for The Matriarchal. It is a time for us to bring back the age of balance. Women restore and create so it is no wonder why this time has come. The time has come not for women to hurt and dominate and discourage men… The time has come for women to love, and empower and encourage men to make the journey for balance. The men and women to come together in balance. A balance of the Masculine and Feminine Divine within. What an exciting time to be living!


Mary Magdalene is a Divine Master, pertaining to the Priestess initiations into the sacred teachings of the Goddess. Her diverse heritage and true spiritual purpose is what makes Mary Magdalene so unique. A temple priestess who bestowed the power of the Goddess on those she initiated, Mary was also an apostle and consort of Jesus, and the Judean mission in the heart of the land where the Jerusalem Temple lay. It was through Mary’s role as temple priestess that the most secret and sacred teachings of the Goddess were finally grasped.

Mary Magdalene works with the grid changes of the Earth that support our etheric reconnection to Lemuria and Atlantis. In doing this she supports the Earth and the rapid ascension process of our corresponding body and consciousness back into the 5th dimension. Her other main endevour is to support the heaing process currently occuring the East, specifcally working to ease the pain arising from conflict issues within and between the Middle East and the West.

In this unique template, the following symbols provide significant information in fully understanding the role of Mary Magdalene:

The Crystal Skull – holds the sacred key to the mysteries of St John and the Lemurian teachings of alchemy and etheric healing. The Cave – symbolises going into the Earth or womb of the Goddess, as well as retreating into oneself, seeking a place of introversion. The Candle – reresents Mary Magdalene as holding the Light for others. The darkness of her skin – reflects her ethnic and spiritual background as well as personification of the Black Madonna. The Snake and Chalice – represent the sacred practices and teachings of the kundalini and its alchemical healing and enlightenment powers, bestowed within the body and consciousness to enable one to evolve, awaken, ascend and embody the cosmic or celestial lightbody system; the Christ Body. The Master Symbol – located on Mary Magdalene’s 3rd eye consists of the ancient cross, the crescent moon and the cosmic symbol of Venus. These symbols represent a sacred lineage of priestess teachings that bestow the Goddess powers of the Feminine Principles into the consciousness of one’s faith. It symbolises the ‘way’ of the Magdalene.

Sacred Symbol of Activation of the sacred lineage



I hope you enjoyed your time here reading and celebrating this sacred time of clarity and understanding. If this information resonates with you perhaps you would love to come and be a part of our Goddess Community and take part in some of our Goddess Workshops. I look forward to connecting with you <3

Abundant Blessings <3 <3 <3