CONNECT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL with Life Journey Teacher, Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, RMT, OLM

YOUR SACRED HEART ♥️ Living in Love or Living in Fear?

There are only two ways of living in this life

A life lived in FEAR or a life lived in LOVE

What does that mean you ask?  The best way I can VISUALLY explain it is with a quote:


You see WE are ALL programmed in one way or another or in multiple ways.  Family of Origin, School, Religion, Social Norms.  Not ALL programming is a bad thing.. (When it is within the parameters of “OUR AUTHENTICITY”.)  You see most of US never take a journey to question OUR beliefs.

OUR TRUE BELIEFS are what our Subconscious Mind/Animal Body hold.  They are what shapes OUR REALITY.   If you are attempting to manifest something and you come up with nothing again and again or with something near but not quite what you are looking for… Then I would tell you that your subconscious self is NOT in alignment with what you are attempting to draw in OR manifest.

WE must KNOW ourselves… Many of US are living as zombies~ a product of rigid sheeple programming to keep you from ever discovering WHO IT IS YOU REALLY ARE.   TO keep you from LOVE.

WE ALL have programming and it is our duty to explore what are authentic beliefs opposed to the ones that no longer serve us anymore or bring US :

Guilt, Shame, Blame, Pain, Discord, Uncomfortableness, Confinement.

The programming that makes US feel this way is to be released and NEW BELIEF systems implemented.

My name is Jacqueline Spaargaren and I AM a Shaman, Teacher and Priestess in Goddess rites of Passage.  I have been given many intuitive giftings and continue to receive and pass along any and all information that assist others to find their AUTHENTICITY and live in their Personal POWER.

WE were not made to live in FEAR or PTSD.  WE were not made to suffer without any relief.  WE were not made to live defeated powerless lives, We were not made to live separate from others.

WE were made to CELEBRATE ALL life has to offer.  To succeed at our LOVE RELATIONSHIPS to have deep and loving, supportive relationships.  To be content with your life and your choices to live your best life.  YOU were made to LOVE and TO BE LOVED.

I have been urged to give some direction verbally and through written word, So here WE are meeting in this time and place FOR YOUR GROWTH! And your UNDERSTANDING!       How exciting!!!

Below is my Video with a yummy smorgasbord of deliciousness on how you can gain clarity and forward momentum in this present time.

Tribe, right now we are clearing Ancestral Bondage from 7 generations back and for some it goes even further.  The Universe is allowing US to see where WE have been in “victim mentality bondage”.  WE are being called to the 5D LOVE energy.  The 3D way of living was about RULES and REGULATIONS and CONFORMING. (ALL FEAR BASED LIVING). As WE come more and more into OUR AUTHENTICITY and SOVEREIGNTY … There will be no more room for FEAR BASED LIVING.  We can either EMBRACE our arrested development and gather the skill sets to live EMPOWERED and OPEN.

We just began a NEW 10 year astrological cycle

We are reaping our last 10 year astrological cycle

THIS video is going to give you some tools to use and implement in your everyday life.  IF YOU feel called to work deeper and more precise with a EMPOWERMENT JOURNEY LIFE COACH ~ I AM YOUR GODDESS .. I also want to tell you that even 1 session with ME …. WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

I hope you enjoy the video and don’t be afraid to reach out

It is my life purpose to BE YOUR GUIDE

Jacqueline Spaargaren, CSCH, CRMT, OLM.                                                                 The Empowerment Journey Life Coach


Also want to let you know about our “SACRED CIRCLE”  Each month to form community in support and love and TRIBE… We thrive in supported communities come join US:  Here is the link for the event:







YOUR Sacred Heart ♥️ From FEAR to LOVE


Fear or LOVE?