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Releasing Patterns and Programs of Withholding Love

What is this article about?  Why are you drawn to it?  Be present with everything you are feeling in your body right now.  The desire for LOVE is Pure but many of US hold shame in that desire.  We may look to others and their relationships which seem successful and we ask ourselves… “Why don’t we have that?” Where is love in our friendships? love in our romantic relationships?  love in our familial relationships?  Are we not as good as the others?  Why is it that friendship after friendship and relationship after relationship in our lives prove to contain the same unhealthy patterns and programs?  Why is it that the relationships usually end in the same fashion and contain the same unique disfunction while all the people involved come from different families and backgrounds?  I will tell you why… The why is because of “3” very important factors.

1.  An unhealthy understanding of relationships and how they work, which will perpetuate throughout your life showing up in patterns and programs of attracting the same kind of person again and again.

2.  A limiting belief system of The Universe Withholding Love

3.  Not having a skillset for maintaining a successful relationship

A dear friend posed a question:
How much love is too much love?
So as I teach …. I dropped down into my body and asked that exact question…. The answer I received made me realize that I need to do some work on “capacity” and “allowing” and “inviting” and “holding”.
How about you? Drop down and ask in your body and really listen…..

There YOU will find your answer ~ Within your own body ~ Your body does not lie… It holds the key to all the generational conditioning and your belief system solidified through years and years of patterns and programs of “lack” “disappointment” “pain” “sorrow” All of these are BE-ing held by your body/subconscious.  It is NOT a huge mystery as to why some things do not manifest for you.  It is because there is a subconscious block.  The subconscious blocks may not be so clear to you because you have not learned how to identify them… You may just think that you have bad luck or that the ~ “UNIVERSE is WITHHOLDING from you” ~ which is the biggest misnomer you or anyone could believe.  The Universe is always ABUNDANT and ready to bring you on a platter those things you align with.  The issue is :  WE are not ALIGNING with the ABUNDANCE of THE UNIVERSE and some of US do not have the slightest idea how to align to The Abundance of the Universe~ Because WE have never had true healthy love in our lives.    We are at a disadvantage if WE truly do not understand nor do we BELIEVE we can align with TRUE, HEALTHY ABUNDANT LOVE.

There is hope my dear tribe for YOU….

There is a WAY for you to align with TRUE, HEALTHY ABUNDANT LOVE

It will come by you FIRST understanding how your subconscious mind works/and with that YOUR belief system.

It will also come by being present within your body, with all the hurt and disappointment   and the broken  dreams.  It will also come with someone who will hold your hand and join on your journey (NOT to give you advice) BUT simply to be a witness to your pain while you give it a voice.  To offer you compassion and empathy.

It will also come by YOU learning NEW and ABUNDANT skillsets for maintaining the NEW healthy relationships that will enter into your life as your old limiting beliefs are released.

I asked you to drop down in your body and ask yourself :

“How Much Love is Too Much Love?”

The healthy answer to this question is:  There can never BE too much Authentic Healthy Love for a person.  But to some of Us the feeling of being overwhelmed can occur so we withhold love from ourselves by NOT Being present with all of our emotions.  We shut ourselves down.  We can also withhold love from ourselves by not allowing ourselves to form close relationships because we fear that the same doomed fate awaits us.  We no longer have to BE in FEAR because WE can learn how to be present with ourselves in all of our pain and we can release limited beliefs and we can incorporate healthy new skill sets.

CAPACITY ~ Learn to OPEN your Heart to receive the LOVE you have always desired

ALLOW ~ Learn how not to use force or manipulation to allow LOVE in your life

INVITING ~ Learn how to invite more and more Love and Acceptance in your life

HOLDING ~ Learn how to hold and keep nurturing Loving relationships in your life

~Withholding Love is a form of Self Sabotage as, what we withhold from others we are withholding from ourselves ~

I hope this message gave you the clarity you needed to move forward in your healing journey to receive THE HEALTHY ABUNDANT LOVE YOU SO DESIRE.  I would love to join on your healing journey ~ Where we can find your limiting beliefs and patterns and programs that no longer serve you…. Give a voice to your pain as I witness you and meet you in compassion and empathy.  THEN to teach YOU .. NEW and HEALTHY ABUNDANT SKILLSETS for EMPOWERED LIVING.

YOU were meant to give and receive LOVE in THIS LIFETIME

The Energy RIGHT NOW supports this work

YOU DESERVE LOVE … YOU were made to receive

Let 2018 begin with you NOT withholding from yourself any longer BUT you investing in yourself because YOU are so WORTH IT!

You will not have to wait in fear any longer or with hold love or relationships any longer

Let’s work together and See YOU Prosper


Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM

Jacqueline is an Empowerment Journey Life Coach and Teacher and Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage.  She works with clients teaching them how release those things that no longer serve them and walk in their true authenticity and empowerment.  She guides you and gives you the tools and skillsets for healthy authentic abundant living.   Jacqueline teaches “Empowerment Workshops” all over the United States and abroad.  Schedule a one on one session in person in her Chicago Studio or FaceTime, Skype or Phone. You can also schedule her to teach a workshop for you or for your group.

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