rite of passage or ceremony is to celebrate and enjoy the wonder of motherhood.  This rite of passage will begin with a cleansing and a clearing of all the energy centers, removing any blockages.  This will be done through a shamanic journey and reiki (energy healing).  The journey will include song and drum and tibetan singing bowls and tingsha’s.  Strategic Crystal Placement on body for the alignment and healing of the body.  This healing works on a deep subconscious level where most blockages occur and allows the body to receive and align and embrace new life.  This Rite is for those who simply want to make sure that their conception is joyous and organic and free.  This Rite is also for those who have been struggling to conceive.  Allow this natural and organic way to free yourself from any blockage and embrace your power and your right to conceive LIFE.

Fertility Rite:  $333