This session is uniquely designed for YOU!
We begin the session in a relaxed state where we converse on what you want to set an intention for and use candle magic as setting a point of contact for energy and we bless it and ask that your ancestors, angels, arch angels and guides from all realms to assist in removing any blockages and also working for 7 days on your behalf with the Universe and your subconscious to bring about swift change and manifestation.

This session can be done in person in the Chicago land area or via email and the candle can be sent directly to your home via shipping.

This is the first part of the session… The second part is where I channel for you and gather sigils (which are energy symbols used since the beginning of time to channel energy) Most sigils are given by angelic beings to channel energy and use the sigil as a point of contact for direct energy from source. I paint the sigil and use colors matching the chakra you are working with. I dress the candle with essential oils working with the chakra and/or element we are working with. I can also use herbs as well as spirit directs. This candle is a specially designed work of energetic art!!! made especially for YOU!

We then close the session by imbuing the energy and opening the portal to assist in your intention.

You can place this candle in your sacred space or a place where you can see this as a constant reminder working on your behalf and your connection with Source Energy and All the angels, guides and ancestors and God’s and Goddess’s. Please do not blow the candle out after you light it… If you must place a plate over it and allow it to extinguish itself. I really like to read the candles after they burn so if you would like me to read your candle after you burn it … set up an appointment with me and we will discuss!!!

You can also keep your candle as a beautiful piece of art to adorn your home and a reminder of Spirit’s great love for you and the joy of consciously working to see ALL you want made manifest in this lifetime!!!

For this special time I AM offering this session to YOU for $25.00