Welcome to Passage Into Power!

Here is where we begin to explore our beliefs and our belief systems and find the beliefs which no longer serve us and begin the journeying work to shift our beliefs and ultimately change our lives.

Are you struggling with family relationships? love relationships? your job? Trying to stay a float with money issues? Trying to create abundance in your life with no success?

Struggling with pain? Health Issues? Disease? Do you feel like you are always losing? Allow me to work with YOU! I can show you a better way!

Thoughts are energy and they create and shape our reality for us, We may not be able to control events and things that life throws at us, but what we can control is how we react and ultimately how much energy we give. This is why beliefs and belief systems are paramount in what we see made manifest in our lives. Through one on one journey work, rites of passage, ceremonies or classes we can begin our  journey to Empowerment! To become a conscious or deliberate creator and not just a creator by default.

There is no reason why you cannot see everything in this lifetime manifest for you! I want you to know that I care deeply about my work and I have trained and spent most of my life exploring human behavior and belief systems and ultimately how the subconscious mind works. I am not only able to connect with you on your conscious level but also on your subconscious level and your divine level as well. I begin to teach you how to communicate and train you to connect to all three of your selves. Your High Self, which is connected to source, and your Conscious Self, your outward self, and your Subconscious self, or inner self. I teach you how to decipher and speak their language. An invaluable tool for Connection and Self Mastery.

If you have come here to this website, I know that I have something for you and would love to connect with you to give you what you need. Please fill out the client information sheet and I will be sure to respond to you in a timely fashion so that we can begin to discuss how we can join together in the best journey to YOUR EMPOWERMENT.

All sessions can be done in person (In Greater Chicagoland Area) or via FaceTime or Skype or Telephone.

Infinite Love and gratitude <3



I do free consultations. Contact me to arrange a time for yours!

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