This is an indepth training for understanding and facilitation of Shamanic Practices to be incorporated for teaching, training and facilitation.  This will be a powerful important journey for you take. There will also be an impartation of my spiritual lineage at the end of the training.   This training will also gift you with a spiritual connection with my ancestors and myself for the assisting and aiding of your spiritual walk and  that I will make myself available to you for any and all questions you may have in the future in your spiritual journey!

These teachings I will be presenting to you are based on Curanderismo (coo-RAN-deh-REES-moh), from the Spanish word, “curar,” – “to heal.” The word “curandera” (female traditional healer) incorporates these qualities and attributes: the spiritual counseling aspect of the practice, as in those of a “cura,” a priest.

The word “cura” is also often used colloquially during conversations in response to a pun or witticism: “Que cura!” Curanderas often use healthy and appropriate humor during sessions along with prayer, spiritual cleansings, and healing ceremonies to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of their client.

Curanderas never impose their will on another. Ethical curanderas use their gifts to heal and protect those who seek help. Compassion, generosity, dedication to life-long learning, and commitment to their community — and all people, is the hallmark of the true curandera.

Curanderismo is a holistic approach to wellness that has been used in the Americas, pre- and post-contact, for hundreds of years. In Mexico, it is also known as Mexican Traditional Medicine, “medicina del campo,” and traditional folk medicine. Curanderismo is a natural and powerful way to treat ailments from back pain to depression, to helping remove obstacles to stable employment and other problems of an emotional/spiritual nature.
Curanderismo is usually a synthesis of Mexican native culture and beliefs, and depending on the curandera’s religious, cultural, and/or tribal background (if any), it may or may not, also have Catholic, Sephardic, and African influences, which is why some consider it a blending of traditions, rather than solely Native medicine or European medicine. In some instances, curanderas may be referred to as “mujer de conocimiento” (woman of knowledge) or if trained in traditional Native ways and serving their community, “mujer de medicina” (medicine woman) — the same applies to male practitioners (curanderos). Each curandera has a distinctive practice that is most often learned within the context of her family, community, or tribe. Curanderas are often found in Mexican American neighborhoods of the United States — usually an older woman who has knowledge of herbs and cultural remedies, and who may also have other gifts and abilities such as clairvoyance which form part of their practice. Often they are long-time residents of their neighborhood and are known by word of mouth for their particular healing specialty.

My grandmother was my teacher and imparted her knowledge to me and I continue to build on the knowlege and walk in the path of a Curandera.
While Curanderismo is practiced throughout Mexico, Central and South America,   while also including healing practices from various U.S. Native traditions, My tradition is rooted in the Mexika, Mayan, and Zapotec healing lineages of Mexico.
What the class entails:
▪ 7 week course – Each individual session lasting 90 minutes
▪ Credited Certification for completion of Shamanic Studies for practice, teaching and facilitation.

SHAMANISM and Curanderismo
▪ Divine/Animal ~ Lower Chakra and Upper Chakra
▪ Joining the two in marriage and flow ~ Allowing of the flow of energy

What is energy and what are our thoughts
▪ Deliberate Creation vs. Creation by Default
▪ The art of allowing and non-attachment

Celebrating our Sacredness
▪ Learning to Open Sacred Space via the directions
▪ Understanding Earth, Water, Air and Fire and how they relate and correspond with our bodies and how to invoke those forces and create balance
▪ What is an offering
▪ How to clear ourselves as healers
▪ Crystals and Herbs and how to use them
▪ Creating a sacred altar
▪ Limpia’s or Cleansings
▪ Shamanic Extraction
▪ Shamanic Tools and how to use them
▪ hand drum, rattle, palo santo, smudging, abalone shell, florida water, tibetan singing bowls, chakra tuning forks
▪ How to identify stuck energy or woundings in person’s
▪ Sacred Song and how to channel and be an open conduit for sacred journeying
▪ Mantra’s and Sacred Song
▪ Using sound healing as a tool
▪ How to facilitate Shamanic Journey’s
▪ fire and water ceremonies
▪ lower realm to meet power animal
▪ physical realm to address energy-mind-body-connection
▪ upper realm to meet guides, ancestors, angels, arch angels
▪ Impartation of my lineage

Investment for 7 week Shamanic Studies Course


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installment payment options