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Home Clearings for a PEACEFUL environment

Moving into a NEW home?  Would you like your house cleared and blessed?  A clearing of any negative energy?  OR maybe you have been in your home and you feel a heaviness or dense energy.  This is a perfect time to schedule your house clearing.

Many clients ask me:  How do I know if I need a house clearing?

My answer:  I believe that everyone needs to clear the energy in their home.  It brings NEW BLESSINGS every time there is a Spiritual Cleansing where you are sweeping out the  old and bringing in the new!  Even if you cleared your home prior… Your home can be cleared multiple times and it is amazing to do this often.   I will explain the difference of you, yourself clearing  your home and how it benefits you to have someone else come to clear your home, someone who deeply understands energy as I do.

I AM a Shaman, which means that I see and hear clearly and am able to identify stagnant energy, malevolent energy and heavy dense energy,  I AM also able to communicate and hear messages from the “spiritual world”.   I perform a clearing ritual for your home with a specific clearing incense or resin and I also open sacred space and call in the ancestors and arch angels and ascended masters to come and assist in the cleansing.  NOT only do I clear the energy BUT I also BLESS your home with Ritual as well.  I  then speak to you about what things I have seen or heard while clearing and blessing your home.

What can you expect from a House Clearing?

You will feel a definite difference .. Your home will feel lighter and much more comfortable and safe.  You will feel a sense of grounding into your home and it’s energy. ~ which will be clear and ready to provide for you a space of PEACE, UNITY and NEW ABUNDANT BLESSINGS.

I look forward to working with you!



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