Join Me as I take you on a journey from Acidic to Alkaline™  In this workshop I will personally join forces with you and assist you in your walk to vibrant health and wellness.  I will be walking the walk and talking the talk.   What does this mean?  Acidic body?Alkaline body?  Or maybe you know somethings about this topic and want to know more.  Maybe you even wanted to begin to incorporate diet and other things to begin the journey to an alkaline body.  Maybe you are struggling with diabetes or cancer or kidney or liver issues.  skin issues, migraines,  high blood pressure, auto immune disease, weight, lack of energy.  Whatever imbalance you have… Allow the 90 day transformational journey assist you in healing.

Spring is almost here and it is the perfect time for NEW BEGINNINGS and you owe it to yourself to embark on this New Beginning to living the Healthy and Abundant life.  Spring is the time to begin to bathe your body in love and green goodness.   It does not matter where you are in your life journey or what size or what age.  This 90 day transformative journey will change YOUR LIFE! if you let it  🙂

If you want to hear more about this magnificent program and have any questions before enrolling please join US in a free webinar hosted on March 20th “The Spring Equinox” so fitting.  You can register here:  button-liox-webinar-reg

The actual program begins on April 1st and that will begin first with a 2 hours informative Webinar and begin our Journey!

I will be teaching you firstly what an Acidic Body is and how to know if you have one and what fun and lifesaving information you can incorporate in your everyday life to begin the transition from acidic to alkaline.   Even if you feel your body is healthy or you feel you have an alkaline body… I guarantee you will still feel a massive shift by incorporating these life changers.   These things will begin to bring about healthy change, more energy, healthy organ processing, luminous skin color, weight loss, and healing.

I first began to learn about the acidic body and the alkaline body when I was first diagnosed with Renal Carcinoma

YES! you heard it right CANCER.

I began to learn things like:  cancer thrives in an acidic body and that cancer cannot thrive or live in an alkaline body.

This program is not about engaging in expensive diets, overwhelming supplements and strict overbearing regimens.  I Am NOT going to tell you to stop eating meat.  I AM going to require just a few things and one of them is a curiosity to see…. “What else is possible for my health, body, and energy”  It is as simple as incorporating some healthy new additions rather than subtractions.  And you also get to pick the exercise for 25 minutes a day you enjoy the most.    I believe that when your body begins to really experience more oxygen (thats what happens when your body becomes more alkaline)  Your energy is full, Your memory and mind are operating at their highest potential, Your body begins to transform and You will love me and yourself for signing up for this 90 day transformative hands on journey  ~


The workshop will take place with a 2 hour webinar and it will give you instruction and direction for your 90 day transformative journey.  We will keep in close touch as I explain next how we are going to have so much fun in this 90 day journey!!!

Speaking about fun!!!!  As soon as you sign up and pay for the workshop.  A welcome packet will come to you explaining when the webinar will take place and you will be added to a private Facebook group where I will be sharing daily and also taking pictures and video’s of my juice and smoothie creations and informative life changing information.   I will also personally be sharing what affect this program is having personally for me:  Mentally, Emotionally and Physically… Even spiritually folks!!  I will also share with you my exercise of the day and you all can share and take pictures and video’s of you incorporating your acidic to alkaline journey!!!   You will be able to ask me questions.  I will be hands on!  We will see healthy and amazing results that you are guaranteed to LOVE!   Me being an Empowerment Life Journey Coach and Teacher I love to be your biggest fan!  I want to be your biggest cheerleader on your journey to health and wellness.  If you have any questions .. please feel free to email me and I will be sure to get back to you with the most detailed advice and information I can give you.  Be sure to sign up today!!!  and give yourself the GIFT OF HEALTH, LIFE AND ABUNDANCE!

Your 90 day transformational journey can start RIGHT NOW!  Sign up here and your info packet will be sent to you via the email you provide.  Your journey starts NOW!


Who is the creator and coach in this life changing 90 day journey?


Hi!  I’m Jacqueline Spaargaren and I AM an Empowerment Life Journey Coach, Shaman and Teacher.  I lead workshops and Shamanic Sound Healing Journey’s all over the United States.  I coach clients hands on in Chicago and also provide life coaching and healing services to those all over the United States.  My greatest passion is  allowing others to see their limitless potential in understanding that they are creators of their reality. By understanding this it will dispel illusion and empower their now and future creations.  I work with energy and mind body connection which works on a deep subconscious level.  Releasing those beliefs that no longer serve you and making space to incorporate more authentic and healthy beliefs.  Allowing you access to Infinite Possibilities!  I AM the founder of Chicago Center for Life Management and Passage into Power and am The creator and owner of Divine Authentic Beauty, A healing chakra crystal Jewelry Store located in Chicago, IL.  You can read more about me here:

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YOU will be glad you took the journey!

Here is to YOUR health…. Cheers!