CONNECT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL with Life Journey Teacher, Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, RMT, OLM

Rites & Ceremony Agreement

The Rites and Ceremony Agreement is between Jackie and the Client as named below. Once submitted and payment received, the Agreement is active until the completion of the Rite or Ceremony.

Journey Leader Responsibilities - We agree that I, the Journey facilitator, will:

  • provide professional, capable services for my clients.
  • act with integrity to myself at all times.
  • act with Honesty: If I don't know something, I'll tell you.
  • act with Compassion & Empathy: This is hard work. You are courageous in taking it on. That will be honored.
  • act with Ownership: I'll make mistakes and I will own then and make reasonable restitution.
  • act with Confidentiality: Everything shared is expressing kept confidential and is not discussed with others.
  • keep my arrangements: I will work to keep all my agreements with you on time and in an orderly fashion as we agree upon.
  • treat you as the whole, mature person you are becoming while empathizing with the pain of the past (while challenging the story you carry with it).
  • keep our journey and/or ceremony appointment(s) and in the event there is a
    conflict with scheduling on my part, I will work with you for a time convenient to
  • The Journey’s and/or ceremony’s will be held in a sacred space so to bring the
    safety and peace to embrace and honor our divinity and power.

Payment Agreement

The client agrees to these commitments:

  • I will make timely payments for my Teaching sessions. I understand that Teaching sessions will begin after payments are received by Jackie.
  • I will give 24-hour notice if I must cancel or reschedule any appointment. I understand that any missed appointment is counted as one Teaching session I participate in unless I have cancelled or rescheduled the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  • I understand that sessions are not refundable, but also do not expire.

Signature & Submission

I agree to the Terms and Policies outlined in this Teaching Enrollment Agreement. I understand that by clicking here I am contracting with Jackie to be my Journey Teacher.

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