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Why I love Mercury Retrograde and YOU can too!


So it is “MERCURY RETROGRADE” and you can feel that impending sense of doom.  Your stomach muscles start to tense and your throat gets tight and you look for the anvil to drop anytime from the sky.   Things begin to break, relationships begin to break, and a whole slew of unexpected emotional and physical surprises seem to come out of nowhere and manifest into an overwhelming swirling energy that feels like it could lead you to a dark night of the soul.    Feel familiar? Sound familiar? Smell familiar?  It’s time for ……..

“MERCURY RETROGRADE” <<< (insert Menaical laugh here)

In this article I will give you step by step instructions on how to not dread “MERCURY RETROGRADE” but how to really make the most of the energy and use it for YOUR benefit!  How MERCURY RETROGRADE can EMPOWER YOU! and give you forward momentum and clarity to become FREE of Patterns and Programs that no longer serve YOU!


Before we begin with the steps I want to give you a little bit of an understanding about Mercury Retrograde and how the energy works and coincides with the Moon.

Let us firstly understand how the Moon operates with our physical body. The Moon controls the tides. The tides are due to the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun on the Earth. Because the gravitational force decreases as the distance squared, the part of the Earth that is closer to the Moon or the Sun is pulled a little extra and a bulge is created.  You may ask but what does this mean for me personally?  I will tell you what it means for YOU personally… Our body is made up of liquid ~ 65% of water to be exact for some of us a little less and some a little more.  Not to mention we have a few pints of blood/liquid within us as well.  Would it be so difficult to understand that the moon would have an effect on us?

The Sun and The Moon are our biggest ally’s in this Universe!  I like to call them “Father Sun” and “Grandmother Moon”

Father Sun shines a light on our darkness and gives us much vitamin D ~  One of the amazing things sunlight provides for us is Vitamin D. It is absorbed through the skin and converted to a state that the body can use. It usually only requires about thirty minutes of sunlight a day to acquire a minimum dose. Vitamin D is important for the creation and maintenance of bones. It is involved in the use of calcium in the body.  Father Sun also provides us food energy.   Plants have specific organs in their cells that convert sunlight to food energy through a process known as photosynthesis.  The Sun also provides necessary warmth and precipitation and happiness…. Yes happiness did you know that?  There have been studies that show that depression occurs in people during the change of seasons. As winter approaches and the earth tilts away from the sun, the days become shorter. This means less sunlight is available for our use. Many people find themselves depressed at this time of year, and the cause has been linked to the lack of sunlight. Indeed, people who sit under lamps that recreate the light spectrum of the sun have reported feeling happier and more energized. Sunlight also stimulates the pineal gland deep in the brain. This gland regulates our sleep/ wake cycles and triggers our bodies to activity or restful sleep.   Now to learn about Grandmother Moon!

Grandmother Moon she controls the water within and outside.  With her love and compassion for us she magnifies our energy and allows us to really begin to see our resonation to those things that no longer serve us that we need to release and those things we need to let go in order to reach our true potential.   Those things we need to really explore so that we can release to make space for the new.  Those new things can only bring us higher to a new level of consciousness and abundance and peace.  When we can see that the Divine has no desire to hurt us and Mercury Retrograde along with Grandmother Moon is mirroring like the water does for us to be able to see ourselves clearly.  It is us who want to blame and stay rooted in victim mentality and helplessness.

When we finally begin to see that we are MIGHTY CREATORS and that we can release patterns and programs and belief systems set within us that no longer serve us and we can learn how to embrace and allow the new belief systems to take root as well, establishing new energetic patterns and programs in our lives.  We can learn new skill-sets to create AUTHENTIC and ABUNDANT SUCCESSFUL, HEALTHY LIVING!!!

So become AWARE of what MERCURY RETROGRADE’S energy is trying to show you and be thankful as all things are working together for your good.

As promised here is the step by step guide on how to make the most out of MERCURY RETROGRADE’S ENERGY and use it for YOUR benefit.

Be sure to ground each day.  This is so very important when the energy of Mercury Retrograde is present.  Simple ways to ground are taking off your shoes and standing barefoot on grass or even inside on your floor.  Another way to ground is to take an essential oil, remove the cap and begin to breath the oil in.

MANTRA:  I AM grounded and secure where I AM

When an issue shows itself begin to take a step back and slow down.  Take yourself out of it being personal and begin to ask what is this showing me?  and how can I make the necessary changes, if necessary to empower myself in this issue.

MANTRA:  I AM solution orientated.  Finding solutions brings me Empowerment.

When a fear or anxiety or unhealthy habit begins to draw you in are you honest with yourself?  Being honest with yourself is key.  These things begin to show you a need within yourself.  Begin to explore within and ask yourself:  What is it that I need in this?  And listen and give yourself personally what it is you need.

MANTRA:  I AM my need filler.  I look within and give myself what I need.

Embrace the “gratitude” and the “already have mindset.”  Instead of focusing on lack … focus on the already have and embrace the attitude of gratitude each day.

MANTRA:  I AM grateful for ALL that has manifested for me and I am satisfied and am open to ALL possibilities for the Universe to bring forth my manifestations.

Now that you understand the energy of “MERCURY RETROGRADE” you don’t have to  dread it but actually look forward to the time where your personal growth issues are magnified and old beliefs that no longer serve you can be released and clarity, growth and abundant living can be  yours.

To some of you ~ You may see the issues at hand and not know the first thing about how to release them or how to gain skill-sets you never had for healthy living.   This is where working with someone who understands Energy and Mind/Body Connection is imperative.  If you are interested in learning more about the sessions I offer for Empowered Living ~ Shoot me an email and we can set up a time for you and a custom session that meets your individual needs.  If you would like to sign up for informative and life changing messages  like this one and learn more about the workshops and sessions being offered  just add your email to the pop up box.

Sending you love and abundant blessings for this Mercury Retrograde!!!


Jackie Ostara

Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, RMT, OLM