To enter into the portal of the Lions Gate tomorrow? 8-8-2015 = 8-8-8 as numerology is 8 for the year of 2015.

Hello, My name is Jacqueline Spaargaren and I am a teacher and also a Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage and one of my callings is work with Goddess Energy.  To Empower Goddess’s all over the world to bring forth the Christ and Sophia Consciousness here on earth.

First, let me talk a bit about the Lions Gate and what this Magic Portal brings us if we step forward into this energy awakened.

August is the 8th month of the year, and this gateway happens on the 8 day of the 8th month in an 8 year, as 2015 in numerology adds up to 8. When the number 8 is doubled to 8-8, the energy increases and strengthens. Then tripled, it creates an even stronger vibration of the energies the 8 carries with it.

The number 8 is a number of abundance and prosperity, it brings us into balance.  As you can see if the number 8 is flipped on it’s side it is an infinity symbol.  This symbolizes the power of infinite creation and manifestation.

This Abundance and Prosperity Portal Opening on 8-8 is called the Lions Gate because it is occurring during the astrological sign of Leo.  The Leo or Lion totem is powerful feminine medicine.  It’s medicine includes:  Lion’s medicine includes brotherhood, letting go of stress, strong family ties, strength, courage, energy, self fulfilment, feminine energy, co-operation, community, Power of feminine energy, creativity, intuituion, imagination. and thus working in conjunction with the Christ and Sophia Energies.

Sophia/Christ Consciousness is Creating Global Transformation.  What do I mean when I say Global Transformation?  Just as we spoke about Lion or Leo Medicine we are speaking about Brotherhood or ONE~ness, We are speaking about the honor and rise of Creation or Divine Feminine Energy.  No longer will women be suppressed or their giftings, We have come out of the age of Pisces, which was all about the age of the unhealthy man.  This is about restoring balance between the energies of The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine.  Just to show you how invested I AM in facilitating this transition I AM personally inviting you to a retreat I AM hosting in September for this exact purpose!! Please join us:

As I continue to talk about Global Transformation…. You can begin to become aware of what is happening in our world.  The focus on taking care of Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants,  An Awakening of the People to become more aware of self and others and an increase in forming alliances which battle the “OLD PARADIGM” and it’s agenda.  Going into this agenda is something that I will go into in depth in a Free FB event tomorrow.  STAY TUNED!

This is a very exciting time for us earthlings!!! To become awakened to our Divinity.  Embracing the God and Goddess within and all that entails… Awakening the Christ/Sophia Consciousness.  Bringing us healing and empowerment and DNA transmutation!!!!!


BLESSINGS of Abundance, Prosperity and Balance ….

AWAKEN God’s and Goddess’s



Jacqueline Spaargaren is an Empowerment Life Journey Teacher and Coach and a Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage.  She leads workshops and Retreats Globally.  If you would like to schedule a healing session personally or via internet/phone or have a workshop in your area please send an email with your request :