Happy New Moon Blessings!!!

For this New Moon I have decided to give out a FREE Crystal Reading for YOU!!! As you were attracted and chose a Crystal it tells me much about what you need for this present time.

“Each crystal holds aligning and healing energy”


If you picked number 1, You picked the Rose Quartz and at this time you are working with matters of the heart, perhaps you are learning how to open your heart and trust once again after being hurt in love relationships wether it be friendships or family relationships. Maybe this time you are learning how to embrace yourself more and learning about self love and self care. In any case working with matters of the heart is a direction in which you should take. Rose Quartz works with the heart chakra and it is a powerful aligning and healing crystal to use to promote self love and draw in love.
One mantra or affirmation you can use with this crystal laying on your heart is :
“I AM open to give and receive LOVE, I AM safe.”

If you picked number 2, You picked Black Kyanite and at this time you are looking to be grounded and your focus is on the need to feel protected and safe. Perhaps it is time for you to learn new techniques on how to bring safety and the need for boundaries in our personal and work relationships. You may have been going through some turbulence and you need time to slow down and rest. Wether the turbulence manifests itself in loss of energy or pain or illness, this crystal is one to be used to assist in healing the pain body and bringing grounding and alignment.
One mantra or affirmation you can use with this crystal applied to any part of your body which is experiencing pain or any part of your body which needs attention is:
“I AM safe and the Universe Supports me, I AM protected. I AM grounded and supported always.”

If you picked number 3, You picked Citrine and at this time you are working with your personal power and giving yourself permission to move forward in life. Your creation center can be aligned and brought into a place where you can proceed with certainty. You may have been in a position where you have felt blocked or unable to move forward in decision making or moving forward when it comes to allowing your dreams to become realized.
One mantra or affirmation you can use while placing this crystal on your stomach is:
“I AM free to use my creativity and personal power in my life, I move forward in my Personal Power.”

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Working with the aligning and healing energy of crystals since I was a little girl I fell in love with the crystals and use them in my healing practice and also create one of a kind healing jewelry pieces to assist you in your life journey! I have had many come for healing sessions where crystal therapy was used and have testified to the healing of the crystals. I also have had many who were attracted to the crystals and have worn them and were unaware of their healing properties and now believe in the energy and healing resonance the crystals carry and use them in their daily life. Maybe you would like a custom healing crystal piece designed just for what you are working with in your life journey, It would be a pleasure to create something channeled especially for you!

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You can also learn how to become a certified crystal healer and use crystal therapy in your healing practice or use with the people you love and yourSELF.

I look forward to seeing you grow and be prosperous on your life journey!
You deserve to have everything you want to see made manifest in this lifetime!
You deserve to live a healthy and vibrant life!

With Much Love and Blessings,

Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM
Life Empowerment Journey Coach and Teacher                         unnamed2