CONNECT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL with Life Journey Teacher, Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, RMT, OLM

Goodbye’s are really NEW BEGINNINGS…. Making space for the NEW YOU for 2016!

Making Space for your Intentions to Manifest with Life Coach, Teacher and Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage ~ Jacqueline Spaargaren of Passage Into Power

It may seem a bit scary….. Relationships Ending …. Friendships that were a constant are no longer on our radar…. Our relationships to our career’s and even our family dynamics are not quite feeling like they used to.

It is a thing called change and because many of us are creatures of habit this can feel quite uncomfortable and fearful.

What if I told you that …. All endings are Really just NEW BEGINNINGS?

What if I told you that …. These changes are really signs that space is being made for NEW THINGS to Manifest and appear right before your very eyes!!  Yes those things that you have been asking the Universe for…. Both Spoken and Silent Intentions now making way into the Physical Realm to bust through and open like a warm spring rain showering you with those very things you wanted to see in your life.

You see without saying goodbye to a few things in your life and changing the resonation within you to be an open recipient of a NEW vibration many of the old resonation’s need to  fall by the wayside.  Yes, that includes some family dynamics and friendships and even some love relationships.  Not all of them serve you for your higher good.

I always use the example with my clients as wanting a new wardrobe but you closet is filled with old clothes… So you must make some space and remove the old to bring in the new.  You cannot have a new wardrobe without first making that space by removing some old clothing.

Making Space means saying goodbye and saying HELLO to the NEW  🙂

In this NEW YEAR of 2016 it is all about KARMA….. and if you don’t know what Karma is you will surely feel it’s presence in your life in 2016.  In numerology it is the karmic completion and the number 9.  Bringing all things to an end… The ending of the chapters of your life beginning in 2007.

Do you remember what you were doing in 2007?  What were you dealing with in your life? From what resonation were you creating?  Did you embrace the life lessons that presented themselves for you to work through? throughout 2007 until 2016?

There will be many people who will reap karmic closure and also karmic events in their lives this new year.  This is why it is so important for US to be deliberate creators and to look within and be active in our self mastery work.    No one likes to get spanked with some karmic backlash but we can use this year as a catalyst to launch new karma!!!

Let us be mindful of what space we are in and from what resonation we are creating with.   If you are dealing with jealousy or anger or blame … let shame not shut you up but rather admit and explore and give yourself what it is you need.  The first step is truth.  Many of us need assistance in exploration because we do not have access out of our maze or patterns and programs.  We need each other and what better way to love yourself than to find someone you can work with to support you and assist you in transitioning and becoming the truth you want to see in your life.   Working with a coach, teacher, healer, shaman … whatever you choose is an amazing way to choose to support yourself.  Another way is joining in a sacred circle you find much support and love and communion with others.  For this FULL MOON in January I AM having a despacho and shamanic sound healing journey at Worth Salt Cave.  Of course I AM also having one on one clients each day and working providing the best teaching and sharing and facilitating a sacred container for healing through Energy healing, sound, mantra’s, drumming, crystal bowls, song and crystals and you cocooned in an Amethyst BioMat.

I AM looking forward to see what 2016 has in store for US ALL personally and also as a collective.  I AM looking forward to seeing more shifts and miracles and change!

I Freely and Openly Celebrate YOU and love to see you grow and expand!!!

Here is to 2016 and NEW BEGINNINGS!!!


Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM

Jacqueline is an Empowerment Journey Life Coach and Teacher and a Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage… Her soul mission is to provide a sacred space for you to explore those beliefs which no longer serve you and to assist in releasing those beliefs and incorporating a more authentic, empowered belief system, which will allow you to live the life YOU create. She teaches you how to tap into your creative power and show you how to be a deliberate creator ~ consciously creating the reality YOU want to see made manifest in your life.