CONNECT TO YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL with Life Journey Teacher, Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, RMT, OLM

Holding a space of love

Holding a space of love… what does that truly mean?

In the conscious community we hear this all the time… “holding that space of love”  “holding you in a space of love”

and to tell you the truth…. I have been told exactly that by people that did not have the faintest idea of what that space of LOVE truly meant.  They believed they thought they knew what was best.  It was their decision and their belief system on what they believed I needed or believed what would be best for me.  It had nothing to do with a space of LOVE.

A space of love has nothing to do with changing a person, It has nothing to do with judgements, or your belief system.  What do I mean when it comes to judgements?  Most of us come out of  belief systems that we learn are not consistent with our authentic selves when we become aware and awakened and conscious.  All consciousness means is we become conscious of OURSELVES on a much deeper level and conscious of others.  Meaning we do not want to hurt others in our life journey.   Many of us find Yoga and Meditation and Earth Medicine, Sound Healing, EFT,  Kirtan and Veganism, just to name a few.  We leave unhealthy belief systems and embrace those belief’s that resonate with us and then we may become fixated on those being “the way” for everyone’s journey.  It is just not so.  Just because you have embraced something that works for you does not mean it is for ALL.  We must meet people where they are and honor and respect their beliefs even if they do not match ours.  Acceptance, Compassion, Empathy, Understanding, Allowing ~ That is LOVE.    That is the loving space <3  If we have not truly accepted ALL that has been shown to us about ourselves and loved.  How can we really hold loving space for another?   We are all growing and learning and being open to ourselves is the best thing we can do for us.  Being open to ourselves without judgement is a good space to be.

I have talked about what “holding a loving space is not”  Let’s talk about what holding a space of love is:

It is connection ~ It is purely source connection within us both.  It radiates through us

When someone is grieving or going through a life journey which is not a pleasant one, We can hold them in a space of LOVE ~ regardless of their beliefs or state of what we believe their consciousness to be.  It does not matter… Our bodies can feel that space of Love and can feel that source connection.

That space holds…. Acceptance, Compassion, Empathy, Understanding and Allowance.  This is where LOVE  flourishes.


“The divine in me sees the divine in you”

In this heart space so we shall meet ~