It is time for us to take the fucking bite of the apple and awaken the snake dna within US and allow that kundalini energy to shift and shape US into the aware and awakened DIVINE GOD AND GODDESS WE TRULY ARE!

What were you taught?  and let me bust the myths now!  It is true we were created.  We were created in an animal body which is a third dimensional body.  The strands of dna for this third dimensional body are activated.  With this being said we also have a spirit man and that higher self or spiritual man which contains more dna that needs to be awakened and the time is NOW.  When we awaken the spiritual man within US we connect to OUR TRUE SELVES.  In the holy books you read about Adam and Eve and the fear “the creator’s” had with humanity taking a bite of the apple.  The apple is a metaphor for sex and true connection with “the awakening of our spiritual dna”  For when you awaken …. you can see truth as you have never seen it before.  This is the kundalini energy represented as the snake in those metaphors.  The kundalini energy is awakening energy that resides in the bottom of our spine and when activated it rises throughout the body and clears our chakra blockages and cultivates life force energy.  This energy can be awakened through sex.  

It is time….. To let go of all “religious ideas” and things we were taught to keep US in “fear based reality”  It is time to let go of all beliefs and belief systems that have kept US divided as men and women.  That have kept US divided against OURSELVES.  It is time for balance for US to see The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine as ONE.  



This New Moon in Scorpio is about just that.  It is time for US as men and women to awaken …. Awaken to our true desires and explore them.  The relationships that were formed in the old paradigm are done.  What do I mean by the old paradigm?  The paradigm of fear.    If you are in a relationship that does not bring you joy and connection and deep peace…. It most likely is part of the old paradigm.  You may ask yourself why are you keeping yourself from the deep desire inside of you to connect on a most divine level.  

There is healing and healing can come from sex ~ not just any sex…. But DIVINE SEXUAL UNION.  

What do I mean by Divine Sexual Union???  It is where The God and The Goddess come out to play and the union produces nothing short of deep connection and deep awareness and deep respect and LOVE.  It is the balm of Gilead to make the wounded whole.  It is the sacred elixir when the two join together and make love.  This Divine Elixir brings the healing …. It brings wholeness.  These Divine Partnerships are those that have been destined from the beginning.  You will know them… You will feel that deep connection and draw towards them.  You will feel “the knowing” and when you begin to connect and explore that connection it will BE the most amazing and mind blowing connection you will ever have!   

I am not surprised that this New Moon in Scorpio is leading us into the month of November where Twin Souls will be coming together to activate and allow All to see the Divine Love in full force.  YES… God’s and Goddess’s … November is the month for the joining of the twin flames to begin to ignite us all.  We will see the FIRE of these unions and they will burn bright and activate others into awakening.  The others will question…. What can I do to have a fire like this?  The answer is within them and they too will be taken into a deep exploration of their beliefs.  More and more will join on the journey to deep awakening.  

Happy NEW MOON in Scorpio!!!!  

Take a bite of that apple


Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM

Jacqueline is an Empowerment Journey Life Coach and Teacher and Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage.  She works with clients teaching them how release those things that no longer serve them and walk in their true authenticity and empowerment.  She teaches “Empowerment Workshops” all over the United States and abroad.