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Seven Steps to Freedom to LOVE with the Alchemic Star™


Seven Steps to Freedom to LOVE

First you must identify heart blockages or wounds which cause separation, firstly from yourSELF and then from those things you want to see made manifest in your life.

This year of the heart is all about Yin energy. Feminine (Yin) Qualities are characterized by:

instinctual wisdom

Our heart Chakra is a most powerful Chakra it allows us to receive love and give love.  Both of this mutual reciprocal energy is needed for us to thrive.   Having our heart open to receive love and be open to give love.   Wether you are looking to draw in a healthy new love relationships and/or  friendships, strengthen your current love relationship or to heal the wounds of the past and be open to Unconditional Love ~ then this healing session is for YOU!

In this custom healing session I use the sacred alchemic Star of David  and open sacred space.


I also use this Sacred Star as our Crystal Grid as well.  This Crystal Grid is used for clearing and manifestation.  The Crystals used for this session will be handpicked from the Divine for YOU.  The Star of David represents our divine nature.  The Feminine Divine and the Masculine Divine and the alchemic balance which occurs when the two become One.  I will take you through the 7 Freedom Steps to opening your Heart.

This Session is a Healing Journey and it was taught directly to me by my spirit guides and I am offering it to you to bring forth the healing and the transition you deserve in this lifetime!  You deserve to understand and to be understood.  You deserve to give and receive unconditional love <3

As we take the journey through the 7 Freedom Steps to opening your heart, much healing and release will take place and you will be then open to your authentic flow!  The oracle cards will then be used and you will begin to gain crystal clear clarity, direction and vision for your new Love Path!

2015 in numerology is the number 8 which is about balance, so we are working with the energies of this time!  If you also see the number 8 it can be shown as the infinity symbol or the twin flame energy as well.  This is a good time to do your self work and for all of you who are planning on drawing in that twin flame.  This is the year of this auspicious sign!


This healing journey is approximately 60 minutes (sometimes a bit over depending on movement)  and will give you healing and release and clarity and direction for this new year!  I will be offering this 7 Steps to Freedom to love with the alchemic star™  at my Chicagoland healing studio and online via FaceTime or webcam.   Register and Book now and I will contact you via email to set up an appointment time.



I am an Empowerment life Journey Teacher. I lead Shamanic Empowerment Journey Workshops and Goddess Workshops, which include rites of passage all over the United States.

In my healing practice, I use Shamanic Healing Practices which incorporate “Mind/Body Connection”. My passion is allowing others to see their limitless potential in understanding that they are creators of their reality. By understanding this it will dispel illusion and empower their now and future creations.

Through my teaching and intuitive healing ability, my clients express a deeper knowledge of self. They become aware of their connection to their divinity. They tap into their health, bringing them greater empowerment.

I have been trained in the White Space Clearing Method, which works on a deep subconscious level. It reaches core wounds and stuck energy which produce patterns and programs that disrupt and cause pain in your life. The process helps you to re-establish new belief systems and set them in motion, establishing a more authentic YOU.

I have 20 years experience in law enforcement and public service with the Chicago Police Department. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, master in energy and chakra alignment, and use shamanic journeying with the subtle energy of crystals in my sessions. At an early age, I was taught indigenous shamanistic practices by my grandmother. I continue to build on this knowledge.

I am the founder and executive director of Chicago Center for Life Management and Divine Authentic Beauty/Crystal Chakra healing and aligning jewelry. I am a teacher and  practitioner at Sacred Journey Institute in Tinley Park and Primal Oceans Salt Cave in LaGrange.   Contact me:

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