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VENUS RETROGRADE ~ a dance with death

Is Venus Retrograde kicking your ass? Are ALL your wounds and triggers coming up in matters of the heart?  That is because as you know All retrogrades energy spins in reverse and pets you backwards.  This retrograde is in Venus and she is the planet of LOVE… Ahh yes all those things that are closest to our hearts, those things that matter.  Those things that are close to our hearts are the most tender.  Venus Retrograde has come to let US dance with death.  Venus Retrograde is showing US what no longer serves US anymore and all of our stalling is coming to a HEAD.

Let’s talk honest here… WE ALL have triggers… Those are the things that really bother US about people, places or things.  These triggers will not go away if we suppress them or ignore them or pray them away.  These triggers need to be acknowledged and honored and loved…. I know for some of you it may be hard to understand… How do I love my triggers when they are embarrassing and if I admitted to them… would make them true and there can be shame attached to that.   <<< YOU can create a sacred space for yourself with another “Sacred Witness” or guide… Someone who knows how to create and hold the space sacred for you and leading you through the core wounds so that you may find YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR PERSONAL POWER.    I want to tell YOU right now… THE people that trigger you are not the real issue … The real issue/wound is deeper than just the surface trigger… You must drop down within yourself to find “the core wound”    The triggers are only a reminder of the wound that is crying out for healing.

Make Peace within and you will make peace with your outer world.

for… As so above “heaven” is so below “earth” as so within so without”



There are some of YOU.. who have lived disempowered, defeated lives…. YOU don’t have to anymore!!!  There is A WAY to FREEDOM.

But it comes with BEING HONEST with your triggers and BEING TRANSPARENT with someone who can BE that sacred witness and lead you through… This is different than having friends to “shit talk” with.  What do I mean by that?  I mean talking about your triggers to gossip ~ BECAUSE that is what it is if WE are not wanting to be honest and transparent about our jealously, anger, rage, pain, hurt, feelings of neglect, abandonment… All of your feelings are valid…. Because of the experiences you have had in your life… BUT VENUS RETROGRADE has come to tell US it is time to close the doors to those Trauma’s… Time to really Create and Manifest the life YOU have dreamed about!

It is time to begin with a healthy FRESH SLATE.


Dance with death sisters and brothers… Release those that you cannot take wth you on your journey.  Grieve… Cry…and honor your emotions …. Then begin to celebrate because YOUR journey has just begun… A journey made of YOUR wildest dreams…

I love you…  YOU can dance with death… for it leads to life and life abundantly!

You do not have to BE afraid to make space for those things that truly resonate with you!

I’m cheering for YOU and so are YOUR ancestors…





About the author:

Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM is an EMPOWERMENT journey life coach and teacher, She is a Shaman and Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage and teaches workshops and spiritual events worldwide.

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