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VENUS RETROGRADE ~ a dance with death

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Is Venus Retrograde kicking your ass? Are ALL your wounds and triggers coming up in matters of the heart?  That is because as you know All retrogrades energy spins in reverse and pets you backwards.  This retrograde is in Venus and she is the planet of LOVE… Ahh yes all those things that are closest […]

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Honoring and celebrating the “s...

Honoring and Celebrating the space of where I AM and where I want to BE

“May the space between where I AM and where I want to BE inspire ME.” I AM really feeling this quote in my life right now.  I asked myself the question… AM I inspired in the “space between”?  What do I mean by that?  We are creators…. wether WE are creating out of default and […]

Releasing Patterns and Programs of Wi...

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What is this article about?  Why are you drawn to it?  Be present with everything you are feeling in your body right now.  The desire for LOVE is Pure but many of US hold shame in that desire.  We may look to others and their relationships which seem successful and we ask ourselves… “Why don’t […]

Working with the energy of Goddess Os...

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Working with the energy of Goddess Ostara in Ritual for Spring and NEW BEGINNINGS with Priestess,  Jacqueline Spaargaren  * Goddess Rites of Passage * Hello Beautiful Stars! It has been a rough ride for US hasn’t it?  The Collective Energy has really been showing us deep deep wounds within that must be attended to.  So […]


Full Wolf Moon Solar Plexus Download

Are you ready Gods and Goddesses?  Ready to receive your energetic download because it is coming today!!!  Are you in a position to receive?  How do you know if you are?  I will tell you how you know~It is because you have done your self work and explored what no longer serves you and you […]

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Last Full Moon of 2016

2016 has been a year of intense revealing.  A revealing of those things that are not serving us any longer.  Wether it was showing us a barrage of limiting beliefs,  relationships that needed to be released ~ friendships and marriages and just plain acquaintances as well.  Release of jobs or careers that were not chosen […]

New Moon in Scorpio ~ SEX~UNION~DIVIN...


It is time for us to take the fucking bite of the apple and awaken the snake dna within US and allow that kundalini energy to shift and shape US into the aware and awakened DIVINE GOD AND GODDESS WE TRULY ARE! What were you taught?  and let me bust the myths now!  It is […]

It’s YOU, you’ve been wai...

The Journey To Reclaim Your Personal Power

The Journey To Reclaim YOUR PERSONAL POWER When you do not know your worth it is because someone never taught you as a child you mattered… Your words mattered, your creations mattered, your singing mattered, your heart mattered, Everything about you mattered and yet celebrations for you and about you were rare. Did you hear […]

Help, I’ve been sexually abused...


Help, I’ve been sexually abused and I don’t know how to love me or my body because I have been separating myself from feeling to protect myself…… As a child I was sexually abused by my caregivers, It is probably one of the most nefarious and mind-fucking trauma that anyone can survive because of the […]