“The Collective Consciousness”   What is it?  How does it work?  Does it work with us all?  Does it work with those who are not yet awakened to their true authentic self?

How do we go about change?  What will that change look like?   How fast does it move?

What fuels the Collective Consciousness?  How can I participate?  What forms does the Collective Consciousness take?

What is sacred space?  How do I hold sacred space for others when they trigger me?  What does the triggering mean?

There is no US and THEM…. WE are all evolving together and those who are able to hold sacred space for the others who are not quite aware or awakened yet is the way to bring about change for ALL for the higher purpose of ALL.

As the shifting occurs and more people begin to take the journey to explore their true nature.  We begin to see clearly the “ONE ness” resonation.

What does that mean to awaken to our true nature?

Awakening our true nature means their must be exploration of those beliefs that serve us and the release of those that have been programmed by those who have an agenda to keep us separated in confusion, anger, blame and fear.

Why is there an agenda?  Because those with that agenda want to keep their POWER and money and control.  It IS the FEAR BASED REALITY.  We have been living in it for way to long.  They are part of an agenda which choose separation.  They use their power, influence and money in an attempt to control, keeping others distracted, in confusion and in anger and fear.   Why do you think that there is fluoride in our water?  Monsanto?    Poison in our vaccines?  Wars that our soldiers are made to fight which have nothing to do with anything but agenda’s of taking natural resources from other countries?

The news media and other strategically planned programs to begin to spread the agenda of separation, hate and division among humanity.  These are only a few examples… What can you do when you identify this energy? You can begin to feel the resonation and use your gut to read what is behind an energy.  If any energy is brought and it causes division, hatred, anger and fear ~ You will understand that it is energy to control and manipulate.    You can begin to make conscious choices to not be involved with any organization or group or belief to further that agenda.   When we begin to make conscious choices to choose ONE~ness and LOVE and meet ourselves and others in that space.  WE say YES to the highest purpose of our BE-ings.   We do not need to fight the system ~ Just our awakening and meeting each other in spaces of LOVE and choosing our higher truths is the catalyst for change.  It propels US and others back into remembrance of our sovereignty and empowerment.

When we can take ownership of our choices and ownership of our lives … WE become empowered to leave victim mentality behind.  Other programmed beliefs can be from our family of origin, religious organization and social groups.  Television and news can also be used as tools to distort actual truth.   Many of these beliefs instilled by outside forces, which do not match our true natures ~  are filled with prejudice, hatred, malice and victim mindset ~ including a myriad of judgement.  They are beliefs which separate mankind, which place an “US vs THEM” mentality.

When we are between the ages of 1-10, we are open, our minds are open we learn like sponges and we trust those who are in a position to teach us.  Children’s subconscious minds are formed during this time which hold all the beliefs that will shape and form the life journey of that child.  It is only through our brave exploration and releasing those beliefs that no longer serve us and saying  ~yes or no to those things that really resonate within OUR true BE~ing.

Our True Essence is LOVE and what does LOVE entail?  LOVE entails compassion, goodness, mercy, kindness, empathy, allowance.  LOVE is open and available to show up to meet personal needs within and assist those outside of ourselves as well.

LOVE sees beyond the pain to the NEED of self and also to the NEED of another.  It responds in LOVE to meet in LOVE.  If that person/people are unable to receive the LOVE then the holding of the sacred space is honored until the person can reach a point to be able to receive.  This is where understanding what it means to hold sacred space for one another.   I want to tell you right now…. YOU were not always aware and awakened and I can tell you that there was one or more than one person holding you in sacred space until you reached the place of clarity and understanding and healthy forward momentum.  It is now time to learn how to do that for another.

We ALL have the innate desire to be met in a space of being loved and honored and heard in our pain.  When as children we are not held in that space of LOVE ~  we will continue to draw out people, places and things that will continue to serve the belief of “not having” that space and to be met again and again with indifference.  For those who do not understand that we are creator’s of our reality through our belief’s and belief systems we can become angry when our needs are not being met by others.  It becomes a never-ending search for the mom and dad we never had.  We look for others to take care of US because we never were taught how to meet our own needs and we look outside of ourselves to get our needs met.

If we do not know how or were never taught how to meet our own needs we participate in child-like behavior even in adulthood to get our needs met.    Even the healthiest of interacting families does not insure that we will grow without issues of understanding healthy ways of intimate connection.   Healthy Interaction comes with truly understanding how to meet firstly ourselves and others in vulnerability.

Vulnerability means showing up in a space of authentic being and allowing others to understand what we feel and being able to freely communicate without judgement.

As more people take the journey to “SELF LOVE” they begin to awaken the places in themselves that have been kept separate from the whole ~ because there was judgment about whether or not those wounded parts could be integrated into the whole.

Fear keeps us separated ~ even internally~ for our internal life only represents a mirror for our outside world.

The Collective Consciousness works with all of us ~ Even if a person is unaware of the spiritual collective workings.  Everything is energy and vibration.  We have certain energetic patterns that become evident as we continue to live life.  These energetic signatures which can be healthy or not  healthy can connect us to others who have similar energetic patterns and we are drawn to one another via our resonation.  When you meet someone you can begin to sit and explore as you begin to get to know that other person all the ways you are resonating on some level or another.  As we grow vibrationally and ascend ourselves ~ others grow with us as they say YES to life’s lessons or if they say No to moving into a higher vibration… Saying No when we are met with the collective’s movement brings us more and louder beckoning to join.  To close the gap and bring US together in that vibration of LOVE and ONE~ness.

The Collective Consciousness works with US on 3 levels ~ Mind~Body and Spirit.  For we are all three.  The mind is connected to the conscious self and the body is connected to the subconscious self and the spirit is connected to our high self.    The high self is always connected to “SOURCE ENERGY”  It is what we call “GOD energy”  It is the collective consciousness of US all.   When we begin to explore all the areas in which we have not been empowered in understanding that we are creators of our reality.  The life journey becomes clear.  We are all BE~ing brought to remember who it is we really are.  This is the understanding not only of our animal selves  but it is also being brought into a Powerful Understanding of OUR DIVINITY and remembering the God and Goddess within.  To walk in the knowledge and connectivity to Our Divinity ~(which is the Collective Consciousness)    We are moving out of FEAR based reality into the LOVE based reality.  IT is happening!!!  Years of programming and fear are being released.

How do we do our part?  By opening our eyes to see the truth about any organization which is causing division, hatred and separation and educating others to see the agenda of separation behind it.  By choosing to respond in LOVE.  To teach others victim mindset and how to incorporate ownership and connect to themselves in self-love.  To assist others in connecting to their Divinity.  To begin to embrace OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

I AM truly excited to be living in such a time as this!!!!

About the Author:

Jackie Ostara

Jacqueline Spaargaren, CCSH, CRMT, OLM

Jacqueline is an Empowerment Journey Life Coach and Teacher, She is a Priestess in Goddess Rites of Passage and a Master of Divinity.  She teaches workshops all over the United States allowing people to truly explore and expand into their True Divine and Empowered Selves.   She is a master at de-programming and finds her true joy and purpose in seeing people walk in their freedom.  She spent 21 years as a Chicago Police Officer and understands deeply human nature.  She is not a novice at understanding energy or the signs of the times and continues to grow in love and knowledge for herself and her clients.